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Why and When get a Tyre Rotate and Balance?

tire-tread1. It protects your investment

Rotating and balancing your tyres is the most efficient method of increasing the life of your tyres. Just like shoes, tyres become more worn in certain areas because they experience more friction. A set of tyres is one of the most expensive things to replace on your vehicle so it’s worth doing what you can to make them last as long as possible.

2. Increases the safety of your tyres

Typically, tread wears away quicker on the front tires than on the back tires. The less tread you have on the front tyres, the easier it is to loose control of your vehicle. Rotating the back tyres to the front and vice versa keeps more tread on the front for a longer period of time.

3. Increases the efficiency of your tyres

The second reason this maintenance practice is so important is that it is efficient. If you did not rotate and balance your tyres, you would have to replace your front tyres much more often than your rear tyres. Regularly rotating them allows all four tyres to become worn at the same rate. This allows you to purchase a complete set of four tyres instead of two pairs, thus saving you a trip to the garage.

How it works:

When your tyres are rotated, the wheels are removed and replaced from front to back, right to left. When they are balanced, a mechanic uses a special machine to check to see if the weight of the tire and wheel is balanced. If it is not, he will attach small lead weights to the rim of the wheel to ensure that they are balanced.

How often should I Balance & Rotate my tyres?

Most manufacturers recommend that all four tyres should be rotated and balanced approximately every 10,000 km. So a great way to keep your tyres in tip top shape is to have your tyres rotated and balanced about every time you have your car serviced.