Toowoomba’s Most Reliable Auto Electrical Mechanic

Affordable New Tyres & Mechanical in Toowoomba are a team of highly experienced mechanics specialising in diagnosing and repairing auto-electrical problems. Our team of skilled mechanics, each with over 10 years’ experience in the field, assess your vehicle attentively to find and repair faults. We’re also capable of installing new accessories, such as fog lights to enhance your vehicle, whilst remaining compatible with the rest of your vehicle. Please get in touch with us to organise auto-electrical servicing on your vehicle.

Auto Electrical Mechanical Repairs:

Sometimes tracing auto-electrical faults to their root cause can be a case of elimination, and we carefully analyse the faults occurring in your vehicle through visual inspection and on road testing, as well as extensive vehicle diagnostics.

Common electrical faults include:

  • Alternator failure
  • Flat Batteries
  • Starter motor failure
  • Ignition coil / Spark plug deterioration

As established auto mechanics since 1984, we’re familiar with all problems that vehicles throw at us, and there isn’t a problem we haven’t encountered, nor one we couldn’t fix. We use high quality components and always give our customers the option of installing OEM or aftermarket equipment.

Auto Electrical Accessory Installation:

We can install aftermarket equipment on your vehicle requiring electrical installation, such as light bars, headunits, spotlights, fridges, and other accessories. Careful inspection of the accessory’s requirements will be made to ensure your car can safely run the accessories without flattening your battery. Similarly, if you’d like to install the equipment yourself, we can install a 12-volt socket to the area of your car that requires it.

Auto Electrical Mechanic

Get in touch to book your vehicle in for any of our auto electrical mechanical services. Call 07 4632 5566 or 07 4659 8699.