Roadworthy and Safety Certificates in Toowoomba

Affordable New Tyres provide roadworthy and safety certification for vehicles in our Toowoomba mechanical workshop. Safety certificates certify that your car meets all current requirements to be driven on Queensland roads as determined by the government and are required by anyone who is selling a vehicle. Our roadworthy and safety certificates are fixed price, allowing anyone selling a car to ensure that it is safe for operation before transferring ownership. Please give us a call to book your car in for a safety certificate inspection with one of our qualified mechanics.

Safety Certification Performed to State Government Standards:

Roadworthy certificates are known in Queensland as safety certificates and are required by law when selling a road-registered vehicle. All our vehicle safety inspections are performed to Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads light vehicle inspection guidelines (available here), and we allow for no deviance from what it is required, as we assume full accountability should a car that is unsafe to operate be signed off. If we discover a problem during inspection, we’ll give you a call and provide a quote on the areas that need attention.

Repairing Your Vehicle for Sale:

Although we cannot deviate or exceed the requirements of a safety certification test, we can, however, make recommendations separate to the safety certificate requirements from observations we’ve made during the safety certification process. For example, safety certificates may not require oil leaks to be addressed, provided they aren’t dripping onto the road or exhaust, but nevertheless, an oil leak is a cause for concern, regardless of if your car is granted a safety certificate.

We recommend you undertake repairing your car beyond what is required from a safety certificate, as cars that are full of mechanical problems are difficult to sell, and you’ll be able to command a higher asking price when your vehicle is operating correctly.

Book a Safety Certificate Inspection

Get in touch to book your vehicle in for a safety certificate inspection with one of our experienced mechanics. Call 07 4632 5566 or 07 4659 8699.