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Is your car’s suspension feeling a bit off? Experience the difference a well-maintained suspension can make with Affordable New Tyres and Mechanical! Our expert Toowoomba suspension services ensure your vehicle rides smoothly and handles perfectly, no matter the road conditions.

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Suspension Mechanical Repairs in Toowoomba

Worrying noises while driving are often caused by suspension issues. Modern car suspension systems are complex, making it challenging for drivers to identify problems based on noise alone. If you’re troubled by a specific noise, contact us at Affordable New Tyres and Mechanical.

We understand describing car noises can be difficult, so we offer personalized service by taking you on a test drive to pinpoint the exact noise. This ensures we accurately diagnose and fix the problem. In our workshop, we’ll replicate and address the issue, replacing components with either OEM or aftermarket parts based on your preferences and budget.

Suspension Upgrade

At Affordable New Tyres and Mechanical, we understand that your car’s stock suspension setup may not fit your lifestyle. We offer customized solutions with quality components to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a coilover install for enhanced track performance or an aftermarket lift kit for off-roading adventures, we listen to your requirements and provide tailored recommendations.

Common suspension upgrades we perform include:

  • Airbag suspension install
  • Coilover install
  • Lift-Kits
  • Bushing and Sway Bar upgrades

Expert Steering Rebuilds and Alignments

At Affordable New Tyres and Mechanical, we specialize in on-site steering box and rack rebuilds. Our experienced mechanics, each with over 10 years in the field, will evaluate whether a rebuild or replacement is the most cost-effective solution for your vehicle. We work on all types of cars, including those with or without power steering.

Steering issues can often be caused by poor wheel alignment, which is another service we expertly provide.