Replacement Car Battery and Car Battery Installation in Toowoomba

Affordable New Tyres & Mechanical offer comprehensive mechanical services to our customers, including installing replacement car batteries at our Toowoomba workshop. We have a team of qualified and experienced mechanics who strive to uphold our local reputation for quality workmanship and affordable prices. Please give us a call if you require a car battery replacement or diagnosis.

Your choice of battery depends greatly on your vehicle, usage and budget. As such, we supply a massive range of batteries to suit all makes and models of passenger vehicles. All our batteries come with warranties for added peace of mind.

Some of the car battery brands that we stock include:

  • Century
  • Bosch
  • Batterybarn
  • Forbes
  • Superstart

We use every major brand of car batteries on the market, so please give us a call if there’s a specific battery you’d like and we can arrange to get it in stock for your installation.

Professional Car Battery Installation:

You might think that installing batteries is a relatively simple task, but on modern cars, changing the batteries requires a different technique to keep radio and clock settings. As an anti-theft measure in newer cars, the radio may be completely disabled if power is lost momentarily, requiring a security code to reset it.

Furthermore, you may have miss-diagnosed your car’s electrical troubles as a battery fault, but replacing it may be of no use. We’ll carefully analyse your car to save you money, making sure that it is in fact the battery that is causing problems, and not another auto-electrical component. We take care when fitting your batteries to ensure your car is working properly; just because the car is running doesn’t mean your battery has been fitted correctly!

Book Your Vehicle in for a Replacement Battery

Get in touch to book your vehicle in at a suitable time for a replacement battery installation service. Call 07 4632 5566 or 07 4659 8699.