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Your car deserves the best care, and so do you. At Affordable New Tyres and Mechanical, we specialize in comprehensive car servicing in Toowoomba to keep your vehicle in top condition without draining your wallet.

Looking for an affordable car service in Toowoomba?

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Don’t wait until a small issue becomes a major problem. Bring your car to Affordable New Tyres and Mechanical for top-quality car servicing in Toowoomba at unbeatable prices. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Included in your car service will be:

  • Road test
  • Battery test
  • Inspection of all mechanical components
  • Diagnostic Check
  • Oil & Filter Changes
  • Written report

We also provide a drop-off service anywhere inside Toowoomba City to ensure that you can get to work without any issues. For those who work late and are unable to collect their cars inside our business hours, we have a safe lock-up on site so you can collect your car the next morning.

Transparent and Personalized Car Servicing

At Affordable New Tyres and Mechanical, we prioritize transparency and your financial needs. For any replacements beyond typical service intervals, we provide over-the-phone quotes before proceeding. Our services adhere to manufacturer specifications, offering both OEM and affordable aftermarket options, with many car owners opting for aftermarket parts when their vehicles are out of warranty.

After servicing your vehicle, you’ll receive a detailed written report of all work completed, along with notifications of any areas needing attention at your next service. This helps you anticipate future costs and plan accordingly.

For significant issues, such as gearbox or differential rebuilds or replacements, we’ll provide a detailed quote and advise on whether a rebuild or replacement is the best option for your vehicle and budget.

Ensuring the Long-Term Health of Your Vehicle

At Affordable New Tyres and Mechanical, we prioritize the long-term health of your vehicle. That’s why we exclusively use engine oil brands that offer warranties against oil-related engine failures. Our trusted brands include Castrol, Shell, Mobil, Penrite, and AC Delco.

Preventative maintenance is the most economical way to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Our experienced team is well-versed in common faults across various makes and models, enabling us to identify and address issues before they become costly problems.